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September 9, 2013


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Thank you for being unique, amazing artists! :love:

Photography and crafts

Pink Flower by FoofyCakez Blue by MasterTeska The flower by Lextace Monster Chest by kvdolan Autumn shell by rosepeonie Stellar by LostInTheMorning Rose by SilentArrow Guidance by JophesXI Beauty by GallifreyanGeek The Summer Sun by ForeverFox


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Like in a Dream by WetWhiteKitten  crush KRONOS by Coffee-WayKathrynF.Williams O.C by theatrelover205  Boralia by SaimGraphics  I'm so lazy... Here's another Zeki by X-Spread-Wings-X  Half n' Half by V-Velvet Pocahontas by AnaLuisita95 <da:thumb id="398526216"/> Jucy by EverlastingBlackjack Me In Space by nyanPodcat Dreaming of the Stars by Abzfabz6 ginny and luna by Greenver <da:thumb id="392794709"/>


The Gray Area Chapter 1
A hot breeze made the wheat sway and whisper a tune as the stalks brushed together. A long and winding gravel road carved its way through the fields of gold. The heat shimmering off the rocks made the pretty white house off in the distance look like an illusion, the passerby unable to decide if it could offer real shelter from the burning Texas sun, or if wishful thinking had just gotten the better of them.
A young woman sat on the old fashioned wraparound porch mending a quilt. Her grey eyes wandered from her work to the large concrete swimming pool set in the dry cracked earth. Her hands paused momentarily as she glanced to her right. Assured that no one was watching, she placed her sunhat over her long brown hair and crept over to the water's edge. She hiked the skirt of her white Sunday dress and sat to finish sewing with her feet dangling in the pool. Sweat trickled down her back, but the cool water around her feet was a small mercy on such a hot day.
"Stephanie shame on you!" a s
  The Gray Area Chapter 2
Aqualad sighed and paused momentarily to gather his thoughts. Another failed mission was out of the question. None of the employees in Star Labs could remember a thing that had happened, and all security cameras had conveniently gone dark during the time of whatever had occurred.
"I have another task to deal with down in the Gulf which I am on my way to right now, so you and your team will have to handle this." is what Batman had said before briefing them on the mission ahead.
"It had to have required some major resources to pull this off," Robin said. "Not even a warning of the oncoming hack. That doesn't happen to a place like this unless it's me, and that's only if I'm on top of my game."
"Maybe the League of Shadows?" Kid Flash suggested.
"It doesn't seem like their style though. They're more 'Here I am!' and lots of chaos than be sneaky stealers." Robin pointed out.
"What did they steal?" Aqualad asked.
"Some data. It's completely wiped out, so I don't even know what the data was

Her stamps are amazing:

Triumph of the Dark Lord Stamp by the-ocean-sings  Emote Stamp by the-ocean-sings  Peace Stamp by the-ocean-sings  Speak for the Trees Stamp by the-ocean-sings  Mane 6: Rainbow Dash Stamp by the-ocean-sings

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